Who we are

MenuSearch.Net was created by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs and a focus group of restaurant experts (your customers). What we do is self-explanatory but the fact remains, there wasn't a great restaurant website - until now!

MenuSearch.Net was founded September 2005 by Erik Foubert with the technical expertise of web guru Mark Junium. We launched on November 15th, 2005 in Las Vegas, NV. This was the first of many markets and started with Morton's - The Steakhouse as our first client.

Our Mission:

To provide non-biased, restaurant information that delivers the key piece of your decision making process; the menu! We try to put as much useful information into every listing but sometimes it's just not available. We make every effort to provide you with the best information. We're in the business of promoting restaurants. We do not allow ratings, reviews or postings from a user because everyone's taste is different and you know the old saying about opinions

Meet our Team

President - Erik Foubert is one of the pioneering leaders bringing the restaurant industry into the 21st century. Erik, a native New Englander, has worked as a operations manager in the restaurant industry and uses this knowledge to merge the restaurant's needs with the customer's needs.

Prior to MenuSearch, Erik worked as an operations manager for the Recruiting Nevada, a Nevada-based online recruiting firm and held various Senior level management positions. Erik graduated with a business management degree from Western New England College located in Springfield, MA.

VP Technology - Mark Junium is a technology consultant and the architect of MenuSearch.Net. Mark, a New Yorker at heart, has worked in the hospitality industry and this knowledge helps us provide the best website to travelers.

Prior to MenuSearch, Mark worked as Vice President of Technology for the Recruiting Nevada, a Nevada-based online recruiting firm and Reservations manager position at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

Sales Manager - Pat Foubert is the sales manager for MenuSearch.Net. Pat, a New England transplant to Florida, has worked in the advertising sales industry and understands the needs and priorities of the independent small business owner.


Carol Fraser is a co-founder of Dakota Planet, a leading technology group based in NYC. Carol brings more than a decade worth of executive level operations management experience.

David Jones is a founder of Atlas Restaurant Solutions, a leading online payment company.