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Restaurants in The District at Green Valley Ranch

Al's Garage, The District at Green Valley Ranch If you're in The District, Al's Garage offers up some great atmosphere and an all around great menu to enjoy.

Kings Fish House at Green Valley Ranch, Henderson NV Kings Fish House - "One thing was clear wherever we went: People put a whole lot of themselves into their restaurants and their food - ove and tradition, creativity and invention. The pleasure of preparing and sharing seafood was simple and genuine, and it brought out the best in everyone. Many times we felt as if we'd been welcomed into somebody's home."

Kennedy's at Green Valley Ranch, Henderson, NV Kennedy's - Modern American Cuisine prepared by Executive chef Micheal Ingino. Ingino's dishes are made fresh daily, including sauces and stocks. No preprocessed or frozen products are served.

Lucilles at Green Valley Ranch, Henderson, NV Lucille's Smokehouse B B Q - “The best Bar-B-Que in the County!” “Or maybe the State.” “Or maybe the whole South!” That’s what folks said about the barbecue Lucille Buchanan grew up eating in her Grandma’s lunch shack, a tiny little nothing of a place on a back road in a small town way outside of Greenville. It was just Granny’s cooking. And Lucille loved it...

Elephant Bar at Green Valley Ranch, Henderson, NV Elephant Bar - We've got a dining experience that comes charging into your life like a bull elephant! Everything's different here, & perhaps a little strange at first. But adventuring is like that. You'll get used to the great people, the fresh food, the worldwide selection, the hunt for the new and unusual to tempt your palate, and the thrill of a wonderfully new taste sensation. Come along with us and share the dining adventure!

Tacone at Green Valley Ranch, Henderson NV At Tacone®, everywhere you turn there's happiness. It's based on our simple attitude: fresh, flavorful food pleases us. And based on our growth and success, it seems to have the same effect on others.

La Salsa Mexican at Green Valley Ranch La Salsa’s personalized approach combined with the Company’s reputation for serving fresh, healthy food, provides a unique and consistent experience to a broad range of customers in the community. This approach results in significant positive word-of-mouth and repeat business.

PF Chang's at Green Valley Ranch, Henderson NV PF Chang's, is located just outside The District walking mall. I cannot tell you how much we love this restaurant chain. The food is always exceptional, the service is great and we always leave with a doggie bag. If you're thinking about hitting this location on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you may consider taking advantage of the "call ahead" feature they offer. Or order take's a breeze.

Crazy Pita at Green Valley Ranch, Henderson NV Crazy Pita - As an innovative quick serve restaurant, we specialize in bringing quality and flavorsome Mediterranean food to our community. Our mission is to provide excellent quality food with professional and friendly service.

Balboa Pizza at Green Valley Ranch, Henderson NV From surfers to restaurateurs, the opening of the Balboa Pizza Company is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. "We named this place with fond memories of growing up on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, California" says Jeffrey, who along with Pete, David, Jonathan and Frank co-founded the Balboa Pizza Company.

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